A Guide on Tot TD Meaning in Fantasy Football?

tot td meaning

Fantasy football has become increasingly popular over the last few years, as millions of people tune in every week to watch their favourite teams and players. With this growing popularity comes a plethora of new terminology that can be a bit confusing for someone just getting started with fantasy football. One term, in particular, that may be confusing to those new to fantasy football is “tot TD.”

This blog post seeks to explain what tot TD means in fantasy football and how it relates to the game. Tot TD stands for a total touchdown, which is a measure of a player’s scoring potential in fantasy football. This scoring statistic is used to reward players who score multiple touchdowns in a single game.

Tot TD is an important statistic to consider when drafting players for fantasy football, as it is a key indicator of a player’s ability to produce points. In addition, there are different strategies for incorporating tot TD into fantasy football drafts and rotations.


1. Definition of TD

TD stands for a touchdown in fantasy football, which is a way of translating real-life football into a virtual game. In fantasy football, each team is made up of real players from the NFL and other professional leagues. During a fantasy football game, whenever one of the players on your team scores a touchdown, you will receive points for it. This is known as a TD or touchdown. By accumulating points from TDs, you can increase your chances of winning your fantasy football league.

2. How TDs are scored

Touchdowns (TDs) are the most important scoring events in fantasy football and the most common way to score points. A TD is scored when a team’s offence moves the ball into the opposing team’s end zone. TDs are worth 6 points and can be scored by the offence via a run or pass. There are also special 2-point conversions which are worth 2 points. A team will generally attempt a 2-point conversion in situations where they feel that the risk is worth it. If a team scores a touchdown, they also have the option to go for either a 1-point or 2-point conversion, depending on the situation.

3. Differences between a Passing and Rushing TD

In fantasy football, the term “TOT TD” stands for “Total Touchdowns” and refers to the total number of touchdowns a player has scored. This includes both passing and rushing touchdowns. While both types of touchdowns are scored in the same way, they also have some important differences. Passing touchdowns are scored when a quarterback throws the ball to a receiver who is in the end zone while rushing touchdowns are scored when a player carries the ball into the end zone. Additionally, passing touchdowns are usually recorded as “passing yards” in fantasy football, while rushing touchdowns are usually recorded as “rushing yards.”

tot td meaning

4. Value of TDs in Fantasy Football

Touchdown (TD) points are one of the most important aspects of fantasy football. Touchdowns are how teams score in the NFL, and they are the primary way of scoring points in fantasy football as well. A TD is worth 6 points in fantasy football, so any player who scores a TD is typically a very valuable asset to any fantasy team. Most of the top players in fantasy football are the ones who get the most TDs, so having a few solid players who can consistently put up TD numbers is a great way to build a successful fantasy team.

5. Strategies to maximize TDs in Fantasy Football

In fantasy football, TDs, or touchdowns, are a key part of the game. TDs can be the difference between a win and a loss, and maximizing TDs can be the deciding factor in a successful fantasy football season. Here are strategies to maximize TDs in fantasy football.

First, focus on selecting players who have a track record of scoring TDs. This means choosing players who have a history of getting into the endzone. Look for players who have high touchdown-to-game ratios, such as wide receivers who are targeted in the red zone.

Second, pay attention to the matchups each week. Try to choose players who are playing against weak defences, as this will give them the best chance of scoring TDs.

Third, focus on teams that have strong red zone offences. Look for teams that have a lot of success converting red zone trips into TDs, as this is a key indicator of their ability to score points.

Fourth, select players with a high touchdown potential. Look for players who are a real threat in the endzone, such as dynamic running backs or big-play wide receivers.



In conclusion, understanding the terminology used in fantasy football is key to having a successful season. Knowing what ‘TD’ and ‘TOT TD’ stand for is essential in order to make the right decisions when it comes to drafting and trading players. With a little bit of practice and knowledge, you will be well on your way to becoming an expert fantasy football manager.


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