TXHSFB Gameday Mock Realignment: Class 5A Division I

Reg IReg IIReg IIIReg IV

Region I Notes:
Sure this will cause some eyeballs to roll and lead to people saying the UIL would never do this. That being said, we’ve seen crazier things before and with only three El Paso schools in the mix and the nearest cluster of schools topping around a 600 mile round trip, something drastic is on the horizon. The result will ultimately lead to the 2-5A1 District Champion getting a first round bye in the playoffs. There is no chance of a 10 team super district involving El Paso. Travel would never justify it. The next item on the docket would be the status of Abilene Cooper. Do they go west or do they go east? We will be using the same argument for El Paso with Abilene Cooper. Going all the way to Amarillo AND Lubbock two or three times a year (more than that in basketball), is not going to justify it.  They do have closer opponents for in the western part of DFW round trip wise.

Region II Notes:
Frisco ISD and Dallas ISD dominate the landscape. Sherman is a far reach for some and someone has to take them in. Because of the El Paso situation, the breathing room for teams in Region II is razor thin. This results in Dallas ISD’s six 5A1 teams being forced to take in two heavyweights. They won’t like it but the pill must be swallowed. Can you imagine a district that included Highland Park and Tyler John Tyler? How is this possible? Simple geography and the doomsday El Paso scenario that has unfolded. Longview and Tyler John Tyler could join Lufkin and go south but the mileage works better for the two going to DFW instead of the extreme northern outskirts of the Houston area.

Region III Notes:
Much like in Region I & II, geography plays a  major role in how the districts are formed and they are pretty straight forward. Beaumont United, much like Beaumont West Brook and Port Arthur Memorial joins Baytown Lee, Baytown Sterling, La Porte, Houston Milby and Houston Wisdom. Galveston and Fort Bend counties will form a nine team district that includes Manvel, Friendswood, Paetow and Hightower to start. Then you have the one Austin area district alongside the northern San Antonio district rounding out Region III.  While is it odd to see San Antonio teams in mix for Region III status, it is a realistic possibility in 2020.

Region IV Notes:
The one observation on Region IV that rings true.. there is no shortage of teams. In our realignment plans, San Antonio occupies District 13 with Edgewood and San Antonio ISD sharing the hosting duties. District 14 will be the southern San Antonio schools aligning with Laredo Martin, Laredo Cigarroa and Eagle Pass Winn. With space limited, the nine Corpus Christi area schools are almost guaranteed to see a nine team district. Same will apply with the eleven Rio Grande Valley schools. The RGV will have a decision to make if 11 teams are in their district. Do you split up into zones or go with a 10 game district season?