TXHSFB Gameday Mock Realignment: Class 2A Division II

Reg IReg IIReg IIIReg IV

Region I Notes:
Rather than a traditional start in the Panhandle, we have reason to believe that the alignment starts in Lubbock but the question is whether there will be two five team districts or a six team and four team district side-by-side. For the most part, it depends on where the UIL puts Vega. If Vega goes south as we are projecting, chances of a four team district are rather high. Wheeler could also move north to split up the eastern Panhandle into a pair of five team districts.

Region II Notes:
It is a give that the Wichita Falls region will likely split into two five team districts. The Big Country has its traditional set up with Albany and Hamlin returning as the key powers in what should be a very competitive district. Another key to the realignment puzzle could be what happens to the Central Texas district. The reality is they could easily be placed in either Region II, III or IV. As presented, we are projecting the Mart-led district in Region II.

Region III Notes:
With the Central Texas district in Region II, this allows for the entire eastern part of the state to be placed in Region III. The big question of the region is what will happens with West Sabine and Burkeville. If they go south, the Southeast Texas district becomes a seven team district and the East Texas district will be a six team district. Bremond, Burton and Lovelady will highlight the Brazos Valley region.

Region IV Notes:
It is widely expected that the West Texas district that includes Wink, Iraan and McCamey would land as the first district representatives. That being said, it is not out of the question to see them in Region IV. Travel-wise, the road down I-10 might be better for them in the playoff run than going up I-27. The other wildcard in the region is what to do with a school in Louise that seems to be on an island by itself. While it is a rather long drive, Louise and Charlotte being in the same district is a reality because of the way the geographic make up of Region IV lies.