TXHSFB Gameday Mock Realignment: Class 2A Division I

Reg IReg IIReg IIIReg IV

Region I Notes:
The geography of the overall picture of 2A Division I can pretty much give away the potential outlook of 2A1 Region I alignment. Start with a four team district in the Panhandle followed by six team High Plains district that includes New Deal, Floydada and Sundown.This is followed by another four team district that goes through the southern part of the High Plains. It is possible that we could see Sundown in District 3 with Tahoka, Post, Forsan and Colorado City. The Big Country gets a large eight-team district. Cisco is the wild card in the Region I & II alignment. Could they go east or could they go west? We have them going west joining the fun in Region I.

Region II Notes:
Region II gets a headliner in San Saba and Hamilton before getting a North Texas and East Texas flavor.  There are a number of ways the 2A Division I alignment can go. A traditional west to east clockwise rotation of the district is out there.  Either the Big Country or Southeast Texas will likely have the honors to go through the Northeast Texas swing. Regardless, Region II is more than likely going to be seen as one of the weaker regions in the state when it comes to football power.

Region III Notes:
We have the Southeast Texas district going west towards parts of East Texas and then to the two Central Texas districts. There are no shortages of power teams in the region. Three eight team districts and a seven team district gives the region some stability in scheduling at the least. Geographically the alignment going east to west makes sense. It is possible we could see what we have in District 5 swap with District 9 in the regional alignment. Again, it is splitting hairs and seeing what is the flavor of what the UIL wants to do.

Region IV Notes:
As you might expect, Region IV has a rather interesting split of powers from district to district. The question most in the Coastal Bend region has is whether Refugio goes west or south.  Because there is already a travel strain on the two RGV schools, our option is to move Refugio to the west. The interesting observation of the alignment is that the Bobcats essentially draw the opposite side of the bracket in all likelihood to that of regional rivals Shiner and/or Mason.