TXHSFB Gameday Mock Realignment: Class 1A Division II Six Man

Reg IReg IIReg IIIReg IV

Region I Notes:
Much like our set up in Division I, we have reason to believe the make up of the districts might start out west in the mountains and then head up towards the western portion of the Panhandle. Key additions to the region is Wildorado, which played as an independent in 2018.

Region II Notes:
Darouzett returns to six man football in the Panhandle with Follett in the next town over. Motley County looms rather large in the region with TLC-Abilene fielding a team in a district with Loraine, Blackwell and Trent.

Region III Notes:
Going from the Conch Valley and moving northeast towards East Texas, Region III has three four-team districts and one five team district. The big headliner in the region is Richland Springs. Gorman and Newcastle also have a huge stake in the region.

Region IV Notes:
Region IV features Richland Springs and Strawn among others. The addition of Olfen and Three Way into picture are the key to the district make up. Should be a very competitive region for the most part.