TXHSFB Gameday Mock Realignment: Class 1A Division I Six Man

Reg IReg IIReg IIIReg IV

Region I Notes:
The key observation is the addition of TLC-Midland and Springlake-Earth, moving down from 11-man to six man football. The Region I make up goes from West Texas to the Western portion of the Panhandle region. Garden City and Turkey Valley are two key highlights of the region.

Region II Notes:
Region II starts in the Panhandle then heads south towards the Wichita Falls region, parts of the Big Country and Conch Valley areas. McLean makes it’s appearance in this region along with Knox City and Sterling City.

Region III Notes:
Going from the Conch Valley and moving northeast towards East Texas, Region III has three four-team districts and one five team district. The big headliner in the region is Richland Springs. Gorman and Newcastle also have a huge stake in the region.

Region IV Notes:
Going from Central Texas to the San Antonio area, Region IV should be a very competitive region featuring Blum, Leakey, Nueces Canyon and Milford. There is also the addition of TLC-Arlington as part of the I-35 based district of 13-1A1 and McDade in 16-1A1.